**EXCLUSIVE** PenCott™ Pathfinder BDU

Limited quantities of the made-in-the-USA Pathfinder BDU are available now directly from Hyde Definition Ltd - Price: $250 per set (free shipping to addresses in the US). Click here to contact us and place an order.

We developed the "Pathfinder BDU" to fulfil requests for a US-made lightweight tactical uniform in PenCott camouflage pattern 50/50 NyCo fabric. Named in honor of the elite "first in" paratroops of WWII, the Hyde Definition Pathfinder BDU is based on the ACU chassis and follows the standard US Army ACU sizing and fit chart.

The Pathfinder BDU takes the familiar ACU platform to a whole new level. It features stylistic nods to the US paratroopers' classic M-42 Jump Suit, the ground-breaking special operations RAID BDU, as well as numerous other modern tactical uniform innovations and improvements.


  • Large, non-pleated, bellowed, cargo pockets with button-down flaps
  • Zippers on leading-edge of cargo pockets enable access when seated or kneeling
  • Knee patches that will accept US Army or commercial internal knee pads
  • Bellowed calf pockets with button-down flaps
  • Rear of the waist is slightly higher than the front to prevent sagging
  • Button-closed waist also features an internal draw-string
  • Hip and rear pockets are of a horizontal slash type
  • Rear pockets serve as an integral dump-pouch


  • Chest pockets are angled outboard and are sealed with hook-and-loop tape
  • The collar does not utilize a hook-and-loop tab and can be worn up or down
  • The front closes with a zipper and a flap secured with hook-and-loop tape
  • Bi-swing back for increased comfort and range-of-motion
  • Sizeable bicep pockets feature a zippered opening on the leading edge
  • Chem-light / pen holder pockets located behind bicep pockets
  • Cuffs are fastened with hook-and-loop tape
  • Body of the jacket is cut straight for a more streamlined fit than the ACU

  • image: Pathfinder BDU

    Individual, group and/or dealer pre-orders for a further production run in the autumn can also be taken now - contact us for further info.

    Orders for different sizes of pants and jacket can be accommodated (e.g XL Jacket with L pants) but orders must be for a complete BDU set - we will not ship pants or jackets on their own. Sizes follow the US Army standard ACU/BDU size chart.

    To place an order now, contact us at sales@hydedefinition.com.

    image: Pathfinder BDU

    Thanks to Domari Nolo for the photos.

    image: Pathfinder Jacket Design image: Pathfinder Pant Design

    Garment Pattern Size In Stock
    Jacket GreenZone Medium-Regular 7
    Jacket Badlands Medium-Regular 5
    Jacket Sandstorm Medium-Regular 4
    Jacket GreenZone Large-Regular 8
    Jacket Badlands Large-Regular 7
    Jacket Sandstorm Large-Regular 5
    Jacket GreenZone Large-Long 3
    Jacket Badlands Large-Long 2
    Jacket Sandstorm Large-Long 2
    Jacket Greenzone X-Large-Regular 1
    Jacket Badlands X-Large-Regular 1
    Pants GreenZone Medium-Regular 5
    Pants Badlands Medium-Regular 4
    Pants Sandstorm Medium-Regular 3
    Pants GreenZone Medium-Long 2
    Pants Badlands Medium-Long 2
    Pants Sandstorm Medium-Long 2
    Pants GreenZone Large-Regular 8
    Pants Badlands Large-Regular 5
    Pants Sandstorm Large-Regular 3
    Pants GreenZone Large-Long 3
    Pants Badlands Large-Long 3
    Pants Sandstorm Large-Long 3
    Pants GreenZone X-Large-Regular 1
    Pants Badlands X-Large-Regular 1